Web Development

Infrastructure and Technologies for an optimal web design.

We understand the web Development and the Design like two different but complementary sets of tasks that make a website whole.

Imagine it like building a house: The web development would be like the foundations, framing and plumbing; While the Design is more like the painting and finishes.

Semantic web content creation with SCHEMA

Web semantics with SCHEMA

We believe in the power of semantics for the web and we harness the Schema standards to signal search engines about the context and object of the web content to be indexed. This way the search engine can feature your website in appealing and effective ways.

Web Accessibility WCAG 2.0 / WAI-ARIA

The web accessibility has the primary objective of allowing visitors with disabilities to fully explore the contents and tools of your website. The good practices standardized in WCAG 2.0 help your site to be friendlier for all your visitors too.

Web Accessibility WCAG 2.0 / AODA
Web development and hosting in PHP 7 services

PHP 7 Development & Support

Part of the infrastructure. Being compatible and preferring PHP7 guarantees modern CMS platforms wholly supported and efficient. The version 7 is a re-write of this programming language focused on speed and security.

HTML5 & CSS3 Standards

We work with the core standards of web development HTML5 CSS3 JS trying to not implement unnecessary layers of code or proprietary formats that lock you on a single platform or a single developer.

Standard pure HTML5 and CSS3 web design
Bootstrap based web design and templating for CMS, webapp or static websites.

Design and templating with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open source project started by Twitter and it offers a modular system of web elements to combine and build upon, with ease of customization.

Connectivity & Security with OAuth 2.0

The vertical integration and authentication/validation features of OAuth 2.0 help your site to connect with services, clouds, apps and APIs, those allow us to offer advanced experiences and value to your visitors.

Secure connectivity for websites with OAuth 2
Hosting and set up services for Google Suite / Google Apps

Compatibility and set up with Google Suite

For organizations with special need for data and email management we recommend and set up the Google Suite service free of charge including the primary instructions and basic support for the services.

Performance and Security with Cloudflare CDN

CloudFlare is a reverse proxy and CDN service (content delivery network) works as a primary filter against cyber attacks and resource abuse while storing certain elements of your website to help improve its overall speed.

Performance and security of your website with Cloudflare
Experienced WordPress development

WordPress design and templating

We prefer WordPress as a content manager -beyond our experience with it- because it allow us to save time in most steps, time that is later invested in SEO optimizations for which the platform has a friendly approach.

Web Admin with WHM & cPanel

Mid-level administration through WHM which allow us to add or remove core elements of the system for developments that need it. cPanel manages at the high-level each service instance with an independent interface and tools.

Web Hosting with advanced admin

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Web Corporativa

La primera piedra

Diseño de website enfocados en galerías o portafolios creativos

Web Portafolio / Galería

Presentación multimedia avanzada

Diseño de sitios especializados en comercio electrónico

Catálogos / Tiendas

Promocione y venda productos o servicios.

Plataformas de publicación en linea

Blogs / Revistas / Expresión

Enfocado en contenido y conectividad

plataformas educativas en línea

Plataformas Educativas

Sistemas de gestión educativa y org.

Comunidades privadas en línea

Foros / Chats / R.S. Privadas

Gestión de usuarios y sus contenidos.

sitios web promocionales especializados

Páginas de aterrizaje

Posicionamiento de productos o servicios.

Desarrollos webapp o combinaciones especificas


Desarrollos únicos y a la medida

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uso de plataformas de administración de contenido CMS

Admin. de Contenidos

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Desarrollo de websites bilingües y multilingües

Website Bilingüe / Multilingüe

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