Brand + Tech Capital

We invest in your ideas with Marketing & Technology.

We take care of the mechanics while you invest in education.

So you can focus on managing and growing what you love.

We research and develop the tools and brand for your business idea.

And how you decide to approach those 2 areas of your business determines our participation on your venture.

Seed Capital

The tech is our Share @ your company

Intended for a start-up or individual that needs to take their ideas to a live technology and marketing demo.  We develop the brand and tech and its value is our share on your company.

Across this process we coach you and train you on the workings of the technology that will in the end be all yours; It also includes a straightforward training on marketing and communication custom made for you.

In the end you’ll have insight onto the workings of your digital assets to take informed decisions while leading the marketing efforts with organic and authentic appeal.

We take you to and help you find the correct VCs and by then you are prepared and solvent enough to transfer the full control of the tech to you.

Revenue Based

We Share our tech w/ your company

Intended for more conventional businesses on manufacturing, distribution and retail that need to expand and experiment with new sales channels custom made for your process and particular market.

In this model we own  and develop the brand and tech resources to our criteria and share them with your business in an exclusivity agreement and sustained by a revenue share of the new channels.

Coaching and training are also necessary for the company to buy the new properties, fuse or spin-off.  For when you want to own instead of renting.

This way we give you a profitable and simple way to achieve a tech investment with low risk and results based.

We are inclusive both in
the range of our services and our
entrepreneur profiles and background.

We provide the following assets as our capital.

Seed capital for individuals, start-ups or as a tech injection for established companies.

  • Brand and Market Research

  • Logo and Branding Development

  • Multilingual Content

  • Graphic and Advertising design

  • Photo and Video Production

  • Industry and Technology Research

  • Software Research and Development

  • Advanced Web Development

  • Web / App Sales Tools Development

We invest in all sectors and industries.

We review all ideas regardless of the industry and we’d like to invest in those often overlooked by conventional capital.

New Industries

  • Biotech Research
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Soft AI, NNs GANs
  • eCelebrities
  • Materials Engineering
  • Blockchain and Crypto

Core Industries

  • Agro and Hydroponics
  • Manufacture
  • Specialized industry
  • Power and energy
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverages
  • Transportation and Tourism

Everybody’s Industries

  • Students and Professionals
  • Empiricists and Inventors
  • Collectives and Cooperatives
  • Persons on disability
  • Protected Groups
  • Conflict Veterans

The most cost-effective way to seed your ideas or inject technology on your business.

Our approach to taking your ideas and endeavors into clear achievements is pragmatic and quality centered.

It’s simple: We are Invested

When we develop for you and your company you can be rest assured that we are on your side. We’ll care about costs and effectiveness without sacrificing quality.

Unlike external providers for creative and tech developments, our business is not to set you up with unnecessary features or in a model of constant support and upgrades.

Our extensive experience in the tech and marketing sectors can help you avoid the buzzword de jour and have insight on the real next thing that can benefit your business.

Let us know about your ideas,
your start-up, or established venture.
We review all applications.



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